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Samples of Workshops Designed and Conducted by Philip Lai

Partial Client List


Senior Manager, DiDi Chuxing Technology Co. (acquired Uber China in 2016) 滴滴出行 -

When I read the best-selling book "The Power of Empathy", I was deeply captured by it and was determined to introduce it to our team. Philip designed a course tailored to our customer service environment and helped us create a train-the-trainers program to enable our internal trainers to deliver the course to the entire service organization. This training course has become a main stay in our staff development curriculum, and it truly helps us develop an empathic listening capability and mindset that drive team effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Senior VP, BASF Group (ETR: BAS) 德国巴斯夫 -

Philip was instrumental in our leadership development efforts here in China for the past decade (2004-2016). He helped hundreds of our managers, especially those in the technical side of the business, to become better communicators and leaders through his various development workshops which were very well designed, delivered and received.

Senior Director, NIO (NYSE: NIO) 蔚来 -

At NIO, we place enormous focus on superior customer experience in which empathy of our service proffesionals is a key success factor. Philip designed a series of bite-size workshops to help create an empathic culture that is crucial to our continued success. His workshops are hands-on and action orientated. They are well recieved by our teams.

Senior Executive, GE China (NYSE: GE) 美国通用电气 -

Philip was rated one of the best facilitators in GE's flagship "Foundations of Leadership" (FOL) program from 2005-2015. FOL graduates found him dynamic and insightful. Most of all, they were highly motivated to put in practice the classroom learning back in their real-life settings.

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